S Club


You can find a real paradise and salvation from hot summer days in our aqua park. We have 8 pools and 12 slides, a place to relax or an unprecedented adrenaline experience and adventure, choose for yourself.

We have the largest pool in Serbia,  a water jungle for kids, a pool for the youngest with various attractions, a tropical pool with a water bar and an island with a palm tree.

Slides like KamikazeFreefallFreefall Tube, MultislideTwister Tube are some of the attractions available to you. Also, try new water slides: Family rafting, Wave slide, Spaceship and Wave pool. We expect your…


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Expertly designed slide to provide a high speed experience. The kamikaze has a path projection consisting of „more than just one fall.“ You have the excitement and fun of falling over a sliding “multi-bump”. One of the favorite slides of aqua park visitors.
This slide offers you one of the most exciting descents into life. Are you ready to break free? Freefall is a mixture of excitement, adrenaline and fun. Try open and closed free fall only in the aqua park S Club.
An aqua park cannot be complete without a Multi Slide slide. Enjoy the descent with family and friends.
There are some slides that everyone is talking about … You may have heard people proudly say „Survived with a twister“. Get ready, twister is a legend. It’s a mixture of speed and fun, waiting for all those who like high adrenaline.
A real paradise for children of all ages. Dozens of sprinklers, slides, a water bucket as well as many other interesting things in the water jungle. Bring your little ones and enjoy with them.
The octopus has never been so funny. We made a unique colorful playground inside the children’s pool. Slides instead of tentacles, a mushroom instead of a head from which water comes out, surely a favorite place for your little ones.
The first and unique family slide from the offer of aqua parks. „Family Rafting“ allows guests to share fun and excitement. You can experience the joy of twists, turns and falls as a family in one of our circular rafting rafts.
„Spaceship“ is designed to combine the excitement of the Space Hole slide and the joy of the Black Hole slide in one slide. First you will experience the surprise and visual harmony of „Black Hole“, then the excitement of „Space Hole“ then resume the adventure with „Black Hole“ hole ”and eventually end up in the pool. Try Space Boat and experience a real magical experience.
„Wave slide“ is one of the newest high-speed slides from the offer of aqua parks and offers high adrenaline and fun. This ride is breathtaking and provides entertainment for all guests.